A big thank you!

Australia BLOG 1:

The 2018 season is fast approaching and as I sit here on my 23.5-hour flight to Australia I can’t help but think how interesting it’s going to be. 2018 is a year for many firsts… 1st year as an u23, 1st year racing senior elite, 1st time racing in the commies and most importantly…1st time as a full-time athlete!!

In December, I was very fortunate to discover I’ll be heading down under to represent Jersey in the commonwealth games on the Gold Coast in April this year. To be picked means more than anything to me, the amount of hard work, sacrifice and time I’ve ploughed into getting here makes it all so worthwhile.

The team behind me don’t get the praise they truly deserve. At the end of the day Triathlon is an individual sport but it’s the “team behind the team” that makes all difference and often can determine how well you’ll perform come race day.

I have the Jersey tri club to thank who have looked after me through thick and thin… it all started when I was 9 and there was only 10-15 of us in the Junior club. Now the numbers have raised to over 100 kids. A perfect example of how triathlon as a sport is growing ever so quickly!

My coaches who have brought me through the ranks. In the early years Coach Kemp and Hawky for always believing in me and in particular Dan who literally taught me to swim as when I first started as I couldn’t do more than 50m without stopping!! More recently Nick Saunders (TPS coach) who now sets my current training program and has got me to the fittest I have ever been in preparation for the games.

The Aztec tri academy which was set up by Fintan Kennedy and co. A fantastic set up for athletes looking to compete off island in the national series and go that extra mile. Organizing training camps with other BTF academy’s and setting up athletes to move into the elite world of the sport.

Most importantly my current sponsors who pile an incredible amount of support into myself. So it goes without saying but Fairway group for the financial support helping me get off island to race and do training camps, TYR with the continued support with every piece of swim apparel anyone could wish for (Aaron mate, I’ll get you your bag don’t worry!) and lastly sportHUB who continue to help manage me as an athlete and help spread my name and promote me to new sponsors. In addition providing me with a 5* spa treatment which has various recovery plunge/massage pools.

Lastly my family and friends. I can’t thank my parents enough for the unconditional support and help throughout the years… it goes without saying but I definitely would not be where I am without them. My friends for being supportive and understanding and really motivating me to achieve my dreams.

Keep posted as I’ll be doing a few more blogs on the run up to the comm games about my time here in Australia and my experiences with my new coach and squad.

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