– Mid-season update –

Where can I start… another hectic couple of months passed by in a flash. This time covering Super League qualifiers, Island games, British champs and one big old training block!

The first race block covered Cardiff triathlon, Poznan SL and Island games. As always some high highs and some low lows. Cardiff triathlon (British sprint champs) had me off to a strong start with a top 10 in the elite seniors. I’ve been focusing on the run this season and this was the first race in a long time where I had some type of form coming in. It was then a short 3hr flight over to the little lovely town of Poznan, Poland. What can I say about this race… not a lot apart from absolutely awful. The body had nothing to give. Probably the worst race I’d had maybe ever! It was important to stay positive though because I had arguably one of the most important races of the season. Gibraltar Island Games. I knew it was going to be a tough race with the 1800m+ of climbing over the 40k bike. It was a race I’ll never forget. After a strong swim I was 18s up on 2nd place who was also my training partner Josh Lewis. I knew he was strong both on the bike and run so once he caught me I knew it was vital to not let him slip away if I wanted to stand a chance of taking the tape. In hindsight this was probably a terrible idea as I worked way harder than I should of and this came back to bite me on the run. I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to finish a race so badly… Never the less I was so happy for Josh who took the tape. Couldn’t of happened to a better bloke!!

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 15.03.58

Then it was back to Cardiff for the next big mid-season training block. Joined by some class acts within the NTPCW training group we were also fortunate enough to have the one and only Falcon aka Hayden Wilde aka #TuckInFridays himself join us for a 10 days. Some hills were climbed, some watts bombs were dropped and some tears were shed. Currently really enjoying slogging myself day in day out with these guys and girls and cant thank them enough for making the grind easier by providing good laughs and healthy competition. The point of the block was to head into the next race block faster and stronger than I was for the previous race block.

The second race block started with a little bit of as disaster. I was supposed to be racing French Grand Prix Muret with my team mates from CRV Lyon but easy jet had already made other plans for me. Thanks, Son’s crying… (IYKYK) All jokes aside this may have been a blessing in disguise as the race got switched to a duathlon. To put things into perspective second pack ran 14:30 for 5K… SECOND PACK! Bloody quick! I still had to get across to Muret anyway as my flight to Canada left from Toulouse the morning after and I even managed to get down to cheer the boys on for the bike and last run!

Across to Canada’s capital of Ottawa! First time on the east side of Canada and first time realizing how French it is! I was itching to race after having almost 9 days taper leading in. Day 1 being the enduro and day 2 being the eliminator. I had my eyes fixed on the golden tickets which meant I needed a minimum of a podium. A tough ask in a world class field. Day 1 went to plan with the body responding well across all three disciplines. I managed to hold on in till the last round crossing the line in 8th. Not the position I had hoped for but with the qualifying standards moving up to a whole new level this year I took it with a positive mindset. I woke up on day 2 and the body was mashed… I pretended like it wasn’t but I also knew my fellow competitors were hopefully in the same situation. I was apprehensive about the eliminator with its nature to be full gas from the gun. I was able to once again make it all the way to the final round and even found some run legs that had been sat dormant since my running days back in year 7!! Finally it was all starting to fall in to place. Unfortunately I suffered a mechanical on the final bike which took me from the top 5 to pretty much 10th! I did however pull off a naughty Gustav Iden move whilst rolling at about 30kph and put the chain on with my hands… this meant I had to channel my inner Mo Farah on the final run and I did manage to drag back one position to 9th. Over the weekend gave me a respectable 7th overall.

After 5 days back home having a mental break from the grind its now back to Cardiff to start my last block of training for the 2019 season… 4 weeks and we kick off with British relay champs in Mallory with team Wales (NTPCW) then its across to France for French Grand prix then back home to J town for the first round of SuperLeague Triathlon!

Cheers for reading! As always I appreciate all the support.

Ollie 

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 15.02.26

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