A little winter update…

2020 didn’t start quite the way I had planned. After finishing the final race of 2019 on a downer (pardon the pun) with a crash in SLT Malta I was hungry to get after a good result. My eagerness if anything, being a burden to my training. After having some down time, I went straight back into training and hit some large run miles. Obviously, this was a bloody awful idea… and I was soon to realise this after I picked up a stress response in my shin. Unfortunately, after having an MRI in London we discovered it was Medial tibial stress AKA shin splints. Being as positive as I could I decided to make up the hours on the bike instead. I knew the physiologies were universal. The only thing I would miss were the mechanics and muscular endurance.

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 14.50.04

That being said Portugal winter camp comes around every year commencing from early January running for just over 3 weeks. The purpose of the camp being to shift our usual program from Cardiff to a sunnier warmer climate of Vilamoura, Portugal. Being a full-time student means I struggle to train as a full-time athlete. I aim to hit 26-30hrs of training a week during term time. Given my situation I use opportunities like camp to get a large training load in. I built from 30hrs on week 1 through to 33hrs on week 3.

After 3 weeks of vitamin C, espada’s and being chased by wild crazy Portuguese dogs it was time to head back to the Diff. I had plenty to catch up on including missed lectures and seminars. With race season fast approaching the main aim of my training was to be consistent and continue to build on run volume each week. I’ve got to say the Welsh weather hasn’t been to kind to us. With 2020 being the first real winter I’ve spent in the UK for the past 3 years I must say I am struggling! I hate the turbo as much as Jamie from Bahrain hates to admit he’s actually from Devon… (so with a passion) but sometimes you just have to suck it up and get the job done! Whenever I’m struggling through a session, I always imagine how much I’d prefer to be an athlete rather than working a boring 9-5 job and only living for the weekend. Life is too short for that!!

Like I had mentioned above the season is fast approaching… I can’t wait to get back out on the racecourse and wang it around. 2020 posts some different challenges to previous years with the 2022 Comm games standards being published. This means I will be applying myself to more ITU races including continental cups. I will also continue to race Super League with a few races already organized in the near future. That’s all I can reveal for now.

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 14.50.49

All eyes are focused on the next 6 weeks. The season opener starts with BUCS biathlon where I’ll be representing the archers (Cardiff Metropolitan University) in my first event of the year. With it being a 1500m run and 200m swim it means it’s going to be short and aggressive! Perfect preparation for my first “A” race of the season. Lievin Indoor Triathlon European Cup in France. This format suits me down to the ground as I love the aggressive, full tilt style of racing. To finish off my first race block of the year I’ll be visiting a location that I’ve never visited before. Neom, Saudi Arabia! A hot humid race where SLT athletes will get the opportunity to take on legends of their sport including Cadel Evans and Paula Radcliffe. I can’t wait to see how I fair in comparison to these sporting idols. The format includes of a 20k bike TT on an abandoned highway in the heart of the Saudi dessert. Followed by a 750m swim TT and then a 5k run race going off your handicapped, accumulated time behind the quickest athlete. In true SLT fashion it’s going to be hot, aggressive and unpredictable.

I know I’ve been crap at updating my blog/website, but I promise 2020 will see regular updates. If you’ve made it this far then fair play to you!!

Thanks for reading!

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